Artificial intelligence is the capacity of a digital computer or a computer-controlled robot to accomplish activities that are usually associated with intelligent beings.

According to Francois Chollet, researcher and founder of the machine learning software library Keras, intelligence is linked to a system’s capacity to adapt and improve in new content extend knowledge, and apply it to unknown settings.

What are the different types of Artificial intelligence?

Narrow AI:

Narrow artificial intelligence is what we see in computers today: Intelligence that has been taught or learned how to do certain tasks without being specially programmed to do so.

This form of machine intelligence is visible in the Siri virtual assistant on the Apple Iphone’s voice and language recognition, self-driving cars… We called it narrow AI because these systems are taught to perform one certain job.

General AI:

General artificial intelligence is the type of adaptable intelligence found in humans, it’s a flexible form of intelligence. This is the type of more commonly seen movie like Skynet in the Terminator. But this does not exist today, and all AIs specialists are divided on how soon it will become a reality.

How artificial intelligence is used in Marketing?

There are several uses of artificial technology in marketing:

  1. Deep learning:

Deep learning aims to teach computers various abilities, such as how to read text, stories, or images, and then applies what it learns to provide answers, clarify inquiries or make suggestions.

  1. Improved personalization and recommendations:

Traditional marketing methods like media advertising and direct mail are no longer effective as they were once.

Personalized marketing messages are more likely to generate a response from consumers.

  1. Dynamic pricing:

Discounts are methods to increase sales, but some clients will buy with a lower discount or no reduction at all.

You shouldn’t ignore the benefits of artificial intelligence in marketing because the world is relying on technology nowadays. So it’s time to explore artificial technology and benefit from it.

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