Project Description



Golden page is behind Globymall website.

Globymall is an E-commerce website, and its goal is to make online shopping easier, more comfortable, and safe.

Globymall serves its stakeholders on different levels: customers seeking out new, reliable, and convenient shopping platforms. Our web developer’s purpose for this website is to provide a platform to display products and facilitate communication between the company and its customers.

Golden page management allows for easy product management, tracking and allows Globymall management to modify and update their website if necessary.

A. Buyers benefit

  • Finding a wide variety of products
  • Choosing a suitable form of payment (Cash on Delivery or Card payment)
  • Receiving their order promptly
  • Paying through a secure and reliable platform
  • Getting the best support and assistance from the 24/7 customer care service
  • Being able to return the goods purchased and exchange them

B. Sellers’ advantages

  • Promote their products on a reliable and credible online platform
  • Stay in touch with customers
  • Increase their sales by featuring their products and standing out from the crowd
  • Extend the customer database and reaching a wide audience
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