First, our web design agency in Lebanon built Dar Al-Iqar’s website with the features and functionalities brands, contributing to gain more leads and customers.

Developing, advertising and innovating

This Real Estate has become increasingly digital and online nowadays to grow and attract more leads and customers. To explain, Dar Al Iqar is a leading company specialized in Real Estate Services and all its relevant. It deals with juridical problems, apportionments, subdivisions, marketing and properties management. Plus, Dar Al Iqar manages all Real Estate related requirements for landlords including land or property executions and responsible quarters. This specialized company is an expert in the Real Estate market for over 50 years. Plus Dar Al Iqar estimates the accurate property price. For this reason, this real estate is committed to sustain professionalism and secrecy toward its clients. Dar Al Iqar provides the following services: land subdivision and execution, property feasibility study, property valuation, real estate legal affairs, property management and buy sell or rent all kind of properties. It should be noted, that this Real Estate agent transmitted specific messages to its customers. Furthermore, our digital marketers in our web design agency in Lebanon focused on developing a matched brochure and profile page with consistent design and quality. In addition, the experienced team designed a CRM System which is easier and suitable for work management. Although Dar Al Iqar website has special features: quick process, strong SEO, easy navigation and responsive design. In fact, our web developers and designers in Lebanon put all their focus on how Dar Al Iqar can leverage the most popular social media platforms to grow real estate business.

Dar Al Iqar agent communicates specific messages to its target customer. Our marketers and designers focus on developing not just a good looking brochure or a profile page but supporting message with quality, consistent design. In addition to listing property management. Our team also designed a CRM System that will make their work easier and for work management.

Although the website has a lot of critical information. We made sure that users had a positive experience,  a quick process, as well as strong SEO, easy navigation, and responsive design.


Dar Al Iqar now has a well-designed website that supports and promotes their services. Helping to increase credibility and close more sales.

The Website