Developing , Optimizing and Maintaining

Daily Beirut has became a leader in the newspaper world, it was a project that we are proud of being both a success and a huge challenge. We concentrated on developing the website, enhancing its SEO, and making it user-friendly for both publishers and visitors.

Our talented and experienced team got to work by doing extensive study on the newspaper industry, which inspired them the idea to create a brand-new website that would be simple for editors and publishers to use as well as for website visitors and news readers.

In order to accomplish this, our team reviewed the research and reports that were made, and started from the ground web developing process.

Together, marketers, designers, and web developers worked to complete projects with website that load quickly, allow publishers to contribute news in a short amount of time, have good SEO optimization, and attract more leads and visitors ( more engagement).



Behind the scenes, our SEO specialists started working on detailed technical, content creation, search engine traffic, backlinks, and conversions projects…

The Results

After releasing the website for months, we can be proud of the project we completed within one month, the leads Daily Beirut received, and the level of interest from visitors.

  1. 60% increase in organic traffic.

  2. 200k visitors average daily today.

  3. Easier and faster publication online.

  4. Well designed website, user friendly.



The Website