The Internet is the most important and vast resource that connects people all over the world. It’s the key driver of the global renaissance in all business aspects. The Internet offers many advantages to those who use it, such as instant communications, access to information, the ability to work from anywhere and sell or buy products online, etc.

Over time, a big part of people became very demanding and too busy to go out and buy their needs. So, this type of human uses E-commerce or drop shipping websites to sell or buy their merchandise. What is the difference between these two types of websites? What could Golden Page offer you? And why you may choose us?

First of All, the standard definition of an E-commerce website is a commercial transaction which is happened over the internet. An eCommerce website allows you to buy and sell products & services online such as Amazon.

Instead of a physical store, you can sell products on the internet via a website.

Nowadays, people are using mobile phones more and more to shop and interact with brands online. Hence, this model of the website has a responsive design and is secured to avoid hacking problems.

An eCommerce website’s primary goal is to gain revenue, and an optimized shopping cart feature will only help you maximize this. To have a successful eCommerce website, you need to hold a fast service, seamless checkout, trustworthy payment options, and even the option to preview the orders before completing a purchase. So, in this case, the best advantage of E-commerce is saving time and money.

On the other hand, dropshipping is an e-commerce business and retail model that allows stores to sell products without keeping any physical inventory. For example, I own a store and list products, but I don’t own the inventory. So, when my customer places an order and pays online, immediately I put a duplicate order with the drop shipper. Consequently, the drop shipper picks the product from the retailer or supplier who has the products (physical inventory) packs the customer’s order, and ships it to him. This is the operational procedure of a drop shipping website.

The benefits of such a website are to increase customers and encourage purchasing. This will stimulate economic prosperity.

Accordingly, you can rely on Golden Page, our digital marketing agency to build, design, and develop your professional eCommerce websites in order to grow your business. We study and analyze your business and encourage shops and stores to move online. We serve our customers better and always achieve success. Pick your choice and choose GOLDEN PAGE!

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