Technology can help us save the planet. But more than anything, we must learn to value nature.

Humans are originally related to nature and thus for its calming characteristics aiming to benefit us mentally and physically.
Unfortunately, with our fast world, many of us lack this human-nature connection.
Society is drastically using nature-based solutions to discourse mental health concerns. Doctors are guiding patients to have a walk outside in nature as a form of stress relief.

60% of the world’s population is living in urban cities making access to forests and nature quite hard. Many authorities are working on creating new natural spaces, without fully appreciating the ones they already have.

With the development, researchers decided to use technology to evaluate their studies.
They developed a smartphone app that helps users to notice the good things about nature in their city.

The app is about having its users write good things about the green spaces in their city.
Moreover, this app creates a questionnaire about their urban, and outdoor experience and allows them to capture pictures, and live to record their location at the same time.

Results are shown after 7 days of using the app by gathering data on users and their self-connection with earth and well-being.

They found out that urban citizens care about animals and green spaces in their cities and gained a certain degree of importance.

Many of the participants mentioned bird songs, especially coming from gardens, or views from their home windows. Interestingly, street trees were most observed and appreciated during a participant’s commute.

Also, this study showed that adding new natural elements may not benefit their well-being, but that practicing connecting with the earth will definitely be a small start to a deeper connection with one’s self.

This experience showed that having more greenspaces is helpful for both mind and body.

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